about me

Semmi Kabel (29)

3D Modeler/Game developer


I've always been interested in gaming, 3D modeling, animation and coding. After I've graduated from Mediacollege Amsterdam I found a job in the computer repair business where I am still working fulltime as a manager. In my spare time I'd like to work with Blender and Unity for both modeling and game development.


A summary with my knowledge about Blender, Unity and coding languages.


I've been working with Blender for several years now. I've started with Blender version 2.79. When 2.8 was released I really enjoyed all the new features, including a new UI design.


I've been working with Unity since 2017. I've made several games, 2 of them are released and 1 of them is on Steam. Please check my Power Polyp Simulator game here.

C# and more

When I started using Unity, I also started learning C#. Before that, I've done some C++ coding as well. Beside those 2 languages I am also familair with HTML/PHP/Javascript/NodeJS.